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Via della Baldina, 7
26017 Trescore Cremasco (CR) - Italy
C.F/P.IVA IT01107500199
Nr. Reg. Imprese CR 01107500199
R.E.A. 135009

Phone +39 0373 290244
Fax +39 0373 5631155
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Welcome to our "shop", my name's Luana and I manage online support.
to contact us you can use data supplied above, or

If you need anytyhing about Batteries and AC Adapters for your Laptop, PDA, DVD Player, IPOD, Sony PSP, Camcorder, Digicam or anything else, I'm at your service
PLEASE click on the image below (when operator is showed), I'll be immediatly to you.

Or you can send us a message with the form, any contact is important to us.
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SW & Work

SW & Work SaS was founded in 1996,
located in Pandino (CR), the company always worked in the IT businesses field (IT used by companies and professionals).
Our basic skills are on computer programming, first experience was on Industrial Automation field (both HW and SW) followed by technical maintenance and hardware and software supply (we're partner of recognized brands on these field).
Always looking to better serve who works and gain with these tools, we also have a good knowledge on Internet services and tools (we offer Internet Hosting, email professional services, ADSL quality service).
All of this always with the Partnership model (partner in our philosophy are both the Customer and the Supplier).
So here we are today, and once more, we say THANKS to all of you.


Laptop, Camcorders, PDAs, Digicams and Camcorder Batteries, also if this is seems (and is) a poor product (it doesn't require any particular skill to use it), it allows us, once more, to offer you an excellent service.
We've found partners that guarantee us (and you too) seriousness, quality and service.
We've found problems on on-line catalogs typical for this kind of product.
We've put on work our knowledge on IT services and tools.
The result is a job that satisfy all of us, that bring us to create a virtual shop that creates contacts and results.
We try to work at our best also on this job, and like to be in touch with you.
We also take into account all of your advice, notes and feedback, and we try to follow them to serve you better any day.
Thanks to all the people who visit our "shop" and trusted an unknown brand on the market,
and Thanks in advance to all people that still have to visit and trust us.
You're always welcome on our shop, it's a "pleasure" to serve you.